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A Mom’s Gift To Her Son: Fighting Against Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is becoming an epidemic..
Heroin addiction is becoming an epidemic..

Have you noticed in the news that heroin addiction in our country is taking more and more lives every day? There are also so many more deaths that aren’t reported on the news.

Heroin addiction is becoming an epedemic…..

A lot of kids start with using opiate pain medications in school to get high and have no idea what this use could possibly lead them to. Once addicted and taking many of these pills a day a lot of our kids are switching to heroin because it’s less expensive.

Opiate addiction can also happen to you or someone you love just by being legally prescribed opiate pain medications from a dentist or a doctor. Sadly there are many people who become addicted after being over-prescribed opiates for pain.

Of course other types of drug use and experimentation can also lead to heroin addiction too..


While heroin addiction is hard to beat, recovery IS possible!

It’s very important that we as a society and as parents, are aware of what can happen and the danger of thinking “Not My Child”. It’s important to have an understanding of this disease. Awareness and working together is key in the fight against heroin addiction!

Heroin addiction doesn’t discriminate! It CAN happen to anyone’s child, even YOURS. It can even happen to YOU!

Every addict is someone’s child, and many moms of addicts are fighting for their children’s lives.


Don't Let Drugs Win!
Don’t Let Drugs Win!

In an effort to raise awareness of the heroin epidemic in our country that is killing a lot of our children, I want to share with you a loving mom’s efforts to fight against heroin addiction.

Linda Lenz is a mom who lost her son Tony two years ago to heroin, and she is determined to NOT LET HEROIN WIN as a gift to her precious son.

You can read Linda’s story here: Why I Will Never Let Heroin Win!

Here’s the link to Linda’s website: Stop Heroin Now

Also please check out and “like” Linda’s facebook page: Stop Heroin WI

Join Linda and thousands of others in the fight against heroin addiction! Don’t let heroin win!

How do you feel about the fight against drugs?

Talk soon,


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Positive Parenting Solutions: Does This Course Really Help?

I found Positive Parenting Solutions after writing one of my recent posts, “Are You a Yeller?“, and thought it would be interesting to give it a try to see if it really helped.

From Whiny and Upset....
From Whiny and Upset….

I’m always open to any good advice about raising kids, especially if it’s helpful enough to make me and my grandson’s lives happier.  

All of the yelling, reminding and nagging…the stress of it all can really get to ALL parents at times.

Besides, if you’re a grandparent like me and raising your grandchild(ren), I think you’ll agree that we could use all the help we can get!  Yes, we’ve raised children before, but it IS a little different nowadays, so it doesn’t hurt to be up to speed with things.

to being Happy!
to being Happy!

So what is Positive Parenting Solutions?  It’s a parent education course that shows you different ways to handle situations and behaviors involving your children (and others!). 

These small changes you make in your approach leads to a happier, healthier, less stressful outcome for both you and your child.

This course cover all ages from toddlers to teens – a HUGE plus!

What will this training cost you?

Positive Parenting Solutions offers a Free Quick Start Guide which includes parent education, as well as free webinars, and an awesome newsletter.

There is no obligation and no credit card required to receive the Free Quick Start Guide!

There are also 3 levels of paid Parent Education Courses…

GOLD level pricing is $29.95/month or a $299.00 one time payment.  This is for lifetime course access and also includes coaching calls, forum, and mp3 course recordings.

SILVER level pricing is $24.95/month or a $249.00 one time payment.  This is for lifetime course access.

BRONZE level pricing is $19.99/month or $199.00 one time payment, and is good for 1 year of course access.

The creator of this parent education program, Amy McCready, was featured on the Today Show, and in my opinion is extremely knowledgeable.

Keep reading to see WHY I’m convinced!

Does this REALLY help? 

Well, I went through some of the parent education courses and actually learned a lot. But of course what I learned had to pass the “ultimate” test – trying it out on my grandson!  Best way to find out if it’s something that works, right?

What I learned was to substitute the word “if” with the word “when“.  For example, “When you are finished your homework then you can play your video game”, instead of saying “If you finish your homework you can play your video game”.

So what’s the difference? Well, when you use the word IF then what you’ve said sounds more like a bribe than if you use the word WHEN.  If you re-read the sentences above you’ll actually see the difference!

Why does this matter?  Well if you’re clear in what you say, and say it calmly then walk away (yes, I learned that too!), then your child knows that they have to complete what you’ve asked them to do before they can do what they want to do.

If they don’t do what you told them they need to do first then they don’t get to do the activity they REALLY wanted to do.  (Warning: You HAVE to follow through on this to see results!)

This simple word switch actually prevents a possible power struggle (which ultimately leads to all that yelling, nagging stuff we’re trying to STOP doing!).

Did this work when I tried it out?

Amazingly enough it DID!

The downside to this is that it doesn’t work in every situation (yes, I started saying “When you do this or that” then there was nothing that made sense to come after that…I probably sounded ridiculous!lol).

The good thing is that you’ll be able to learn about other “tools” available to you for other situations you’ll encounter over your years of parenting.

Will you mess up and forget to use “when” instead of “if“?  Yes you will, constantly!  It takes practice but I can honestly say just that one little thing made a big difference (and avoided a bunch of bickering I’m sure!).

Should you try this?  Well, it sure won’t hurt, and you’ll be very surprised how much it’ll help!  

To access the Free Quick Start Guide and also receive a really great newsletter, which I also found very helpful just click here.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!  Please let me know what you think and if the tips work for you too!


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