Parenting Again

 Parenting Your Grandchildren

You’re getting older, you’ve raised your children and you’re ready to start the next phase of your life when suddenly…


Only this time you are raising your grandchild (or grandchildren).

Fear and panic set in.  It’s been a long time since I’ve raised a small child, can I really do this again?

The truth is YES, you can!  There are many grandparents these days who have had to step in and become parents to grandchildren due to dire circumstances involving their children, such as:

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Me and my grandson Mario
  1. Drug Addiction of one or both parents. This is the most common reason.
  2. Death of parent(s) (car accident, drug overdose, etc…)
  3. Incarceration of one or both parents.
  4. Serious illness of parent.
  5. Parent(s) inability to care for child(ren).
  6. Neglect and/or abuse of child(ren)

Whether your grandchild(ren) is an infant, toddler, young child or a teen, this will be a big change in your life and there will be many adjustments you will need to make.  You will also be dealing with your feelings about your own child’s situation, which can be very difficult for a parent.

Becoming a parent all over again can be very overwhelming at first, but eventually things will come together and you will find that parenting again can be a wonderful rewarding experience.  This is true whether you are a grandparent or another family member raising another family member’s child(ren).

A grandparent with a ton of love in their heart raising their grandchild(ren) is absolutely priceless!

Within my site you will find information on the many issues involved with parenting again, and many helpful subjects and tips that are directly related to us grandparents.

Please leave a comment below if you have a question or advice you would like to share.  I would also love to know more about you and your “grandparenting” experiences and adventures!  I would also love to hear from other relatives who are raising a family members child.  I will always respond quickly to comments.

Let’s all help each other!


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10 Comments to Parenting Again

  1. I really enjoyed your articles. Very attractive site.
    I think I will bookmark this site as it has a closeness to my heart.
    My husband and I raised 2 of our grandchildren, which lead us into doing foster care. By doing this I have learned some valuable lessons through our journey. Thank you for sharing this vital information with others.

    • Thank you Sherrie, I’m so happy you enjoyed what I’ve added so far! You are the first “grandparenting grandparent” to visit my site and I am so excited to have you here! That is wonderful that you are doing foster care, there are so many children out that who need a loving environment. Please always feel free to add any tips you might have, and if you are comfortable with sharing your story in the future I would love to hear it.

      I am hoping to get as many grandparents, relatives raising a relative’s child, and regular parents involved on my site as I possibly can. We all need each other!

  2. What a wonderful website! I have people very close to me that where and are being raised by there grandparents their parents unfortunately lost custody due to the number 1 reason. It definitely takes a strong a caring person to step in and be a parent to your grandchildren or child. It’s seems your doing great! Keep up the good work and keep your chin up. Things always work out in the end. I will definitely pass this website along.

    • Hi Christena,

      Thank you for stopping by our site. Your friends have wonderful grandparents and they are all so fortunate to have each other! It’s so nice of you to pass my website along, thanks! I would love to hear about your friends stories as well as the grandparents stories if they would like to share. I’m hoping in the near future to have a place on my site for grandparents/relative caregivers and also for the kids to post their stories, ask questions, give their advice and thoughts, etc.

  3. I understand what your talking about. It seems for one reason or another, just because we’re grandparents, doesn’t mean we forget about having to raise children. But then raising is a blessing also.

    • Hi Darrell,

      Yes, even though we are grandparents we always remember what it was like and how to raise children. Thank goodness for that since their are so many grandparents these days who need to raise their grandchildren!

    • Wow Margot! It’s wonderful that you were there for your niece when she needed you. Being a teenager and taking on raising a child says so much about how good of a person you are! You were so young but it seems you did a great job as a parent to her! Lori

  4. Love your site, very inspirational. I lost my grandchildren to the foster care system. My daughter is a little slow, but her husband molested kids and was put in prison. When they came in the house to arrest him, they took the kids. We never got to see them again because we were to poor to fight. I hope we will be able to see them again.

    • Hi,

      That is so horrible! No matter what you should have been able to have the chance to take in your grandchildren, that is so unfair to the kids. I’m so sorry you haven’t even been able to see them. I’m wondering if there is anything you can do….If I can find anything that will help I’ll let you know.


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