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Are You Missing Out On Precious Life Moments Because Of This?

Are you missing out on precious life moments because of THIS?

Lost in a video game daze.
Lost in a video game daze.


Yup, all of our “techy” toys seem to be taking over our lives and the lives of our children.

Most of you probably own some kind of smart phone, some type of computer or tablet, a video gaming system, mp3 player, ipod etc…

Where are the kids?

Even YOUNG children know how to use all of this “techy” stuff, and a lot of VERY young children have tablets and gaming systems of their own.  Kids are now starting to play Play station or Xbox when they’re 3 and 4 years old.  Really?

Kids playing!
Kids playing!

What happened to playing outside?

Kids used to play at the park.  They used to run and laugh and roll down grassy hills with their little friends.  Now they’re on their very own tablets playing games!

Parents allow small children to play games on their cell phones, then complain that their child broke their phone?  Of course they did, you let them play with it, kids drop things, and this is a surprise?

I have always kept my cell phone out of my grandson’s reach, he knows he’s not allowed to touch it.  It’s our only phone and I sure can’t afford to replace it!

Now for us ADULTS…

I got a message!
A message!

Everywhere I go I see adults on their cell phones.  Someone’s either texting, talking or playing games.  In a restaurant everyone’s checking their phones.  At a birthday party we’re texting someone…or making a call.

When we’re home we’re doing all kinds of things at once, surfing the web while texting and talking, while our kids are playing games on one of many different “techy” things.

A scary thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of parents are so busy on their cell phones that even when they are home or take their kids to a park to play they are not even watching their kids!

For our family and friend’s birthdays a lot of us send texts or post on Facebook. Same with holiday wishes.

No more sending cards or having a conversation with the people we care about….not even on a special day…

That’s so SAD!

Of course not EVERYONE is doing this.

Sure, I have a few friends and family members who don’t have a lot of technical toys, some don’t even have cell phones….  They send cards and they call.  Wow, what a concept!

I find this to be especially sad….

I’ve recently seen and heard stories that there are parents out there that take pictures of them and their child(ren) and post on Facebook as if they’re actually playing with or spending time with them.  But all they really did was post a photo and a status (if you think about it, if you are actually spending time with your child(ren) at that time then how would you have time to post a bunch of photos and a status?  Aren’t you busy playing with your child?)

That’s a REAL life story that I’ve seen happen.

I’m not referring to anyone who posts photos AFTER activities with their kids.  I LOVE seeing the pics after your home and post them!


I have to admit that I am guilty of some of the above.  I used to love talking to my loved one in person or on the phone, but not so much anymore.  A lot of people I know would rather text so I guess I’m getting used to it, but my fingers start hurting when I have to type an actual conversation.  That’s just way too much typing!

It’s like no one answers their phones very often anymore (yes, another one I’m guilty of).

It makes  you wonder how the heck we ever survived without all of our electronic gadgets…but we DID survive, and we had FUN!

Aren’t the people who are important in our lives worth a visit or a phone call?  A real conversation?  It should really be a priority to spend time with our loved ones.  

That’s how memories are made.  

Texting and posting on Face book is NOT living in the moment and creating a great memory.  You need to take the time to enjoy and savor the special moments!

I’m so thankful that my grandson prefers playing with friends and the outdoors rather than sitting in front of video games all day.  He LOVES being active!

“Look UP”, not DOWN!

It’s very sad though that our relationships with our family and friends are suffering because we are never “looking up”.

Most of us seem to be looking down – at whatever “techy” thing we are playing with at the time.

Check out this video – it’s so very true!  We are missing so much!

Beginning now I’m going to start changing from ‘looking down” to “looking up”.  I don’t want to miss out on all of the precious moments and memories.

I actually went outside today to play with my grandson and didn’t bring my cell phone out with me, and I survived without it!  It was a great feeling to be “in the moment”.

How about you?  Let us know what you think!

Talk soon,



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