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A Mom’s Gift To Her Son: Fighting Against Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is becoming an epidemic..
Heroin addiction is becoming an epidemic..

Have you noticed in the news that heroin addiction in our country is taking more and more lives every day? There are also so many more deaths that aren’t reported on the news.

Heroin addiction is becoming an epedemic…..

A lot of kids start with using opiate pain medications in school to get high and have no idea what this use could possibly lead them to. Once addicted and taking many of these pills a day a lot of our kids are switching to heroin because it’s less expensive.

Opiate addiction can also happen to you or someone you love just by being legally prescribed opiate pain medications from a dentist or a doctor. Sadly there are many people who become addicted after being over-prescribed opiates for pain.

Of course other types of drug use and experimentation can also lead to heroin addiction too..


While heroin addiction is hard to beat, recovery IS possible!

It’s very important that we as a society and as parents, are aware of what can happen and the danger of thinking “Not My Child”. It’s important to have an understanding of this disease. Awareness and working together is key in the fight against heroin addiction!

Heroin addiction doesn’t discriminate! It CAN happen to anyone’s child, even YOURS. It can even happen to YOU!

Every addict is someone’s child, and many moms of addicts are fighting for their children’s lives.


Don't Let Drugs Win!
Don’t Let Drugs Win!

In an effort to raise awareness of the heroin epidemic in our country that is killing a lot of our children, I want to share with you a loving mom’s efforts to fight against heroin addiction.

Linda Lenz is a mom who lost her son Tony two years ago to heroin, and she is determined to NOT LET HEROIN WIN as a gift to her precious son.

You can read Linda’s story here: Why I Will Never Let Heroin Win!

Here’s the link to Linda’s website: Stop Heroin Now

Also please check out and “like” Linda’s facebook page: Stop Heroin WI

Join Linda and thousands of others in the fight against heroin addiction! Don’t let heroin win!

How do you feel about the fight against drugs?

Talk soon,


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