Grandparents Raising Grandchildren And Love Have 6 Things In Common

What do Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and Love have in common?

Love applies to many different situations.  You can love God, your spouse, family, children, friends, pets, and of course “things” (but we will not be going there with the material possessions!).

Love is a deep and enduring emotion, usually for another person close to our heart.

6 things Love and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren have in common:

Love is a wonderful thing!
Love is a wonderful thing!

Attachment: When we are “in love” or love someone we develop a great attachment to that person.  I know in my case I am extremely attached to my grandson.  He’s a part of me and part of everything I do.  

Us grandparents become very attached to our grandchildren under any circumstances…’s just what we do!  

So you can only imagine how attached we become when actually raising our grandchildren. (Yep, very deep attachment, VERY deep!)

Devotion is an intense love and an enduring loyalty to a person.

Us grandparents are very devoted to our grandchild(ren) and want to give them the best chance in life possible.

Do you have an intense love for your grandchild(ren)?  I sure do!

Affection is and enduring fondness and tenderness for the person we love.  When raising a grandchild a grandparent has a similar affection for their grandchild. 

Adoration is to love intensely or deeply. Adoring your grandchild is pretty much a given if you’re raising a grandchild. 

Tenderness having and/or expressing warm and affectionate feelings.  Yes, grand “parenting” will bring out the tenderness in us! 

Fondness is indulgent, doting.  This is one that us grandparents are especially good at!  (Warning! The indulgent part can be quite expensive if you’re not very careful!)

Falling “in love”

A Grandparent's love knows no bounds!
A Grandparent’s love knows no bounds!

Falling in love involves feeling deep affection for another, which is how I feel about my grandson, and how I’m sure you all feel about your grandchildren.  

How can we help but fall in love with our adorable, wonderful grandchildren?

And what a wonderful feeling it is to love up to and hug and cuddle a precious grandchild….

Love is NOT selfish!

Raising your grandchild is one of the most unselfish things you can do for your grandchild.

The love we give and receive when we are in this situation is a very special kind of love that is beyond anything we ever imagined.

And of course we’ve all heard the saying…

“Love is patient and kind”.

So what does all of this mean? It’s really quite simple…..

Grandparents are AWESOME!  We are a great example of LOVE!




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15 Comments to Grandparents Raising Grandchildren And Love Have 6 Things In Common

  1. Good to see and feel you have your own definition of love.I really love this post.It is our true nature but many of us tend to forgive things. We are all looking for love and acceptance. I’m a 19 years old young guy so I can’t talk about parenting but I can understand. We all want the best for those who we adore.
    Keep sharing your passion! You give permission to us to do the same!

  2. Hi Lori love this post! I had a very close and loving relationship with my nonna when I was young and until she passed away. Now that I’m a grandma myself I build that kind of relationship with my grandchildren. Great job!

  3. Had a wonderful and loving relationship with my nonna until she passed away. Now that I’m a grandma I’ve build the same kind of relationship with my grandchildren. Great post keep up the good work!

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